Ports-box of 24

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  Save money on shipping by ordering enough ports for 2 buckets at one time.

 These are the same ports used in our LessMess and Many Ports feeders. 


How to Install Ports

   1) Make a mark 2.5 inches from the bottom of the bucket.  Drill a small pilot hole at the mark to locate the center of the port.  Use a step drill (size 7/8"-1 3/8")


to drill out for the port. Drill the hole just shy of 1.25" to get a snug fit.  This will make port installation a lot easier.


 2) Insert the port into the hole with the BAFFLE HOOD AT THE TOP and the MOUNTING HOLE AT THE BOTTOM.


 3)  Driil a 3/16" hole through the mounting hole.


 4) Use a 3/16" pop rivet and a backup washer to mount the port.



  Place a 2qt funnel upside down in the center of the bucket.  Plug the stem hole with tape or something else.

    This will direct the feed toward the ports.

   NOTE: A copy of the above directions with supporting pictures are now sent with orders for ports.