Dear Jim,

I have had racing pigeons for 44 years. I bought several of your feeders because I was looking for a way to make the feeding of my birds easier since I am now 61 years old. To test your feeders' performance, I placed 3-4 conventional metal feeders in a 6x8 foot section with about 50 birds. In another identical section with about 50 birds, I placed one q.w. feeder. After 2 months I studied the wasted feed that fell thru my perforated metal flooring. I found that there was at least 20% more waste with the metal feeders, but the most important benefit was I only had to bend over to fill the q.w. feeder one time in 2 weeks, instead of bending over 14 times every 2 weeks to place feed in the metal feeders. Additionally, I had much more open floor space in the q.w. section because there were never feeders laying on the floor. Thank you Quality Wildlife feeders.

Dave Demko


Dear Jim,

I am a fan of your less mess feeder though!!! Works great!

Brian Morrison


Dear Jim,

"I have been using the Covey Base Camp system for several years. I have had great success using this system. This year I purchased the "Many Ports Feeder and the Ports Hanging Bracket" for my pigeon house and for my "Phantom Quail Kennel". This system has worked great for both. The feeder holds 25 pounds for pigeon house and 50 pounds for my Phantom Quail Kennel. This has been so efficient. Jim is always so readily available to answer any questions and get any products to you as quickly as possible."

Sammy Giddens
North Carolina


Dear Jim,

John and I have been hunting quail together for 35 years. Primary areas have been west central Illinois and NE Kansas (also hunted IA, AL, GA, OK, & TX). Last September we ordered eight (8) of your Covey Base Camp units and placed them in an area near Macomb, IL that we have been hunting for years. The wild bird populations, thought still decent, had dropped somewhat in recent years. We located them (mid-September) per your instructions and populated each with 20 pen-raised birds. We checked on the units twice prior to the opening (1st weekend in November) and everything seemed in good order. We approached the opening with high hopes and were not disappointed. We found birds at all locations save one and that was because there was standing corn which prevented us from finding those birds (we found them later in the season).

The most exciting part of the experience was that we know we were getting wild birds in combination with our originally released birds (only minor variations in flying ability). The released birds had been joined by wild birds and they were definitely coveyed together. ALL birds had been eating field corn and/or beans and many had also been eating the wheat from the feeders. We retrieved all the Camps and Callers earlier this month and all were in good working order. They have been cleaned and stored and will be used again come September. Both John and I consider the investment we made to have been one of our best ever. Your units are easily portable and we believe they will ensure good to great hunting for years to come.

Thank you very much,
Maurie Daigneau & John Wright


Dear Jim,

Last summer I used two Covey Base Camps on our 115 acre hunting area and had good results holding pen raised birds in the camp areas and with a Johnny House built from the QWS plans with the LessMess feeder/water system.

While we’ve had a generally better year for quail over all, there are significantly more bobs whistling this spring than in years past. I feel the Covey Base Camps assisted in this carry-over. The people at Quality Wildlife Services have been good to help me with questions.

I believe the Covey Base Camps are a valuable addition to our managed quail habitat project and your expertise and willingness to assist have been appreciated.

Chris Cowlbeck


Dear Jim,

This is my fourth season of using your Covey Base Camps. I have been very pleased with the effectiveness and durability of your product.

Max Roeder
Boerne, TX


Dear Jim,

My name is Walter Sparks, President of Golden Days Hunt Club. We lease over 6000 acres in Illinois and have been using the Covey Base Camp system for three years. Our results have been fantastic. Not only do our member experience tremendous upland hunting, but we are seeing annual increases in our wild bird populations. We band every bird we release, and have on several occasions seen banded birds with chicks the following spring. We are currently using about 70 Base Camps, and will no doubt expand the use of this product.

Walter Sparks
Pres. Golden Days Hunt Club, Illinois



Dear Jim,

I have been using your Covey Base Camp for four years. This past season I was up to ten Base Camps and have a Total Recall for every site.

We released birds the third week of September. The 2003/2004 season proved to be our most successful by far. The combination of our consistent habitat work, the Covey Base Camp, quality birds from Quail valley Farms, and predator control, came together to put consistent quail hunting back on the property.

This coming season we plan to double the operation and look forward to continuing to increase the quality of our quail hunting. The system works. It is apparent to us that paying attention to all aspects of your recommendations results in increased hunting pleasure.

C.T. Hill
Midlothan, VA.


Dear Jim,

(Testimonial on the LessMess Feeders)

I recently purchased two sets of your LessMess feeders and Found them to work great. I have had over 30 birds in each of my two Johnny Houses for almost 3 weeks now and I am amazed as to not only how clean the houses have stayed, but also how little food is wasted. But the best feature is no more fouled water. Happily, I have not lost a single bird. My houses have stayed cleaner and my birds are healthier.

Thank you,
Frank Lallas
Brighton, Co.


Dear Jim,

( Testimonial on the Total Recall )

We have been using your "Total Recall" remote quail callers successfully for various aspects of our dog trainin and preserve hunting program for over 5 years. They take the guesswork out of managing "put and take" birds all through the season. With 18 units in operation, we know there's nothing like "Total Recall" for anchoring our coveys and keeping the quail where we can find them! Whether we're training dogs or guidin hunts, we rely on "Total Recall" to guarentee the birds!

Barbara Teare
Cooper Farms.Rosinton Plantation


Dear Jim,

I want to first thank you for your honest and professional service. It was a Pleasure doing business with you and you have certainly earned a repeat customer in me.

I am a third-generation professional dog trainer and have been training pointing dogs for over 40 years. I train both field trial and gun dogs. I depend on the Total Recall almost daily and would sometimes rather be without my electronic collar or my electronic launchers than it! Without birds, I can’t train dogs – the Total Recall assures that I will have birds where and when I need them.

Thanks again for you excellent service.

James E. Crangle
Jet Engine Kennels
Dorchester, SC


Dear Jim,

“The Covey Base Camp is the fastest, easiest and most effective method of reproducing wildflying quail populations that I have seen in my twenty years in the industry.

Mike Mize
General Manager
Dunn's Shooting Grounds
Holly Springs, MS


Dear Jim,

“The Covey Base Camp definitely improved my training grounds.”

John Ivester
Owner, Marques Gold Rush
2000 National Field Trial Champion


Dear Jim,

“I want to thank you Quality Wildlife for providing us with your Total Recall System. We are using your Chukar and Hungarian calls. They help hold the birds in the field and also in the recall pen. I have recommended you to a lot of people. We are so happy with your product.”

Richard Robertson
Robertson’s Kennel


Dear Jim,

“I have been using the Covey Base Camp System for about six years on properties throughout the bobwhite quail native range. It has been effective for reestablishing viable populations of quail in areas where numbers had diminished or even disappeared. When used in conjunction with good habitat management, the Covey Base Camp is a tool that will improve quail numbers for the hunter, dog trainer or bird watcher.”

Dr. Ron Haaland
President, Haaland Company, Inc.



Dear Jim,

“We’ve sold hundreds of Covey Base Camps in Texas. The Covey Base Camp water tube system is especially important as quail need water to survive the intense Texas heat.”

Richard Long
Mas Codorniz (More Quail), Ind.
Texas Distributor (281)528-0771


Dear Jim,

“Without birds, you don’t have a bird dog. The Covey Base Camp and Total Recall can help you have and hold birds.”

George Hickox
Grouse Wing



Dear Jim,

“The basics for bobwhites include feed and water. The Covey Base Camp efficiently provides these during the transition from flight pen to habitat.”

Stan Redfern
Quail Valley Farms, Inc.



Dear Jim,

“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what the Convey Base Camp has done for the wild Valley Quail on my property. About 4 weeks ago I installed a Convey Base Camp (with the Valley Quail Total Recall) on my 60 acre parcel here in California. As I note, I had a native convey of about 20-25 birds on my property with some nearby vocal conveys I would hear on the adjoining hills. After about a month I was routinely spotting over 200 birds using my property and the Base amp area during feeding hours. It has increased my wild birds by 20 fold in just a month. Running my dogs now exposes them to multiple bird contacts.

This is not a scientific bird count, just a casual observation of the bird boom on my property. It has really been a tremendous tool to help my young dogs on wild birds.

Thanks for the help!”

John Yanes
Los Angeles, CA


Dear Jim,

“Thanks for the opportunity to field test your new electronic pheasant caller. It works great. Night after night while deer hunting last fall, we watched the caller pull the pheasants right back in. Again, thank you for your innovation.”

Jim Miller
Waddy, KY


Dear Jim,

(Testimonials on our Managiong Quail Fields DVD )

It is one of the BEST management videos I have seen for anybody from novice manager to advanced manager.

Donnie Buckland
Senior Vice President
Quail Unlimited



Dear Jim,

The DVD Managing Quail Fields is an excellent resource for anyone managing land for bobwhites. Both the novice and the experienced land manager will find valuble information in this DVD, In a consise clear message, Jim Evans describes the major components of bobwhite habitat and how to create these on your farm. Every quail manager should have this DVD in their library..

I look forward to your next DVD, Jim!

Roger Wells
Habitat Coodinator
Quail Unlimited