Total Recall - Bundle of 2

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California Quail Call  Chukar Call Bobwhite Covey-Up Call Hun Call

The Total Recall quail call keeps birds anchored on your property better than a pacing, scent-producing live call bird

because it doesn't attract as many predators. This photo-cell activated electronic call bird automatically calls quail

back into the area during the daylight hours.

The Total Recall is an electronic quail call that is built long life. Some of our first units are over 10 years old,

and still calling. Just insert the 9-volt alkaline battery or 8 AA batteries and hang it on a tree or a post about 20 yards away

from the quail feeder. The unit is weather proof and camouflaged for easy concealment.

Dog trainers have found the Total Recall to be a great cost cutter and a serious dog training tool.

For Field Trial enthusiasts we have a special setting that will call every 20-30 minutes to round up birds

after they have been scattered by a trial team.

  NEW!   We have added a min-jack in the bottom of the Total Recall Speaker to allow a power horn speaker to be attached for increased volume.  The power horn speakers are available separately.

 Currently available in Bobwhite.  California Quail,  Pheasant, and Chukar available with power horn speaker only.

   Ordering 2 at one time saves money on shipping costs.

 We are currently sold out of Total Recalls  It is uncertain when we will have any more units.