The System

The Covey Camp System


For over 15 years we have provided the Covey Base Camp quail feeder and watering system as an effective and efficient management tool for quail hunters and bird dog trainers. The Base Camp is made up of two main components. The first part consists of a quail feeder and watering system known as a Covey Coop. The second part is an electronic quail caller known as a Total Recall.

The Coop or electronic call bird can either be purchased together
as a Covey Base Camp , or as separate items.

Covey Coop + Total Recall = Covey Base Camp



 "The recent snow with a ice cap on top due to freezing rain has really opened my eyes to the value of your feeder design. The food on the ground became unavailable to the birds at the sites where we had no feeders but were just broadcasting into cover. Even feeding these areas after the storm was not very effective because a hand full of feed thrown on the icy surface flew everywhere with much sliding into open spaces between cover leading to excessive opportunities for the predators to nail our birds. Where we had placed feeders in heavy cover, the birds tunneled into the cover and readily found food. We may only have one storm like this per year but having one of your units at each site will be our plan going forward."

Bob Stuck for Flying King Ranch
York, South Carolina


"...Last September we ordered eight(8) of your Covey Base Camp Units and placed them in an area near Macomb, IL .....The most exciting part of the experience was that we know we were getting wild birds in combination with our originally released birds...Both John and I consider the investment we made to be one of our best ever."

Maurie Daigneau & John Wright