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Covey Base Camp Systems


A quail feeder and watering system for wild and early released quail.

  • 40-Acre Package Natural Brown

    40-Acre Package Natural Brown

    The Covey Base Camp System can help you reestablish a huntable quail population with flight-conditioned birds. The Covey Base Camp was the first to incorporate quail-specific feeders and nipple waterers. Call us for orders of more than 4 units to assure accurate shipping costs.

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  • covey coop- natural brown

    covey coop- natural brown

    The Covey Coop in natural brown is a self contained feeding and watering system designed especially for quail. Holds five gallons of feed and three gallons of water. Designed to deliver whole grains wheat and sorghum. Call us for orders of more than 4 units to assure accurate shipping costs.

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  • Jaggars Quail Funnel Twin pk

    Jaggars Quail Funnel Twin pk

    Keep Predators Out. . This is our new, improved Jaggars Quail Funnel, produced exclusively by Quality Wildlife Services. The Jaggars Quail Funnel uses spring tension to allow quail to enter your Johnny House, recall pen, or Phantom Quail Kennel™l while keeping heavier predators out. It is designed specifically for Northern Bobwhite Quail. Save money by ordering 2 funnels at one time with the twin pack, JQF-2.

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall

    Keeps birds anchored on your property. Bobwhite units have the covey-up call. California Quail, Pheasant, and Chukar are available with power horn speaker only. Need more than one? Order Total Recalls-Bundle of 2,3, or 5 to save on shipping.

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  • Total Recall-w/PHS Bundleof Two

    Total Recall-w/PHS Bundleof Two

    ORDERING TWO Total Recalls with Power Horn Speakers AT ONE TIME SAVES SHIPPING. The Total Recall quail call keeps birds anchored on your property better than a pacing, scent-producing live call bird because it doesn't attract as many predators. This photo-cell activated electronic call bird automatically calls quail back into the area during the daylight hours. The addtional power horn speaker increases the volume. The speaker is plugged into the external jack located on the bottom of the existing Total Recall speaker. Currently available in Bobwhite, California Quail, Pheasant, and Chukar.

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