Many Ports Feeders - 4 Pack

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The MANY PORTS FEEDER is especially designed to feed larger numbers of quail or pigeons in either grow out pens or holding pens. This product is made of heavy duty polyethylene. The base is vacuum formed and fitted with 12 metal, Lessmess ports. When raising quail the MANY PORTS feeder sits at ground level until the birds are 5 weeks old. When feeding older quail or pigeons, the feeder is raised off the ground 3-4 inches. This can be done by either by placing the feeder on blocks or by suspending it from a cable.
The MANY PORTS design, like our LESSMESS FEEDER, prevents bird droppings from getting into the feed and minimizes the wasting of feed.

For the PIGEON ENTHUSIASTS:                                                                                     

      One feeder services 100 pigeons.

Helps keep your pigeons fed  while you are away.

                                                                                                               For the Quail grower:

                                                                                                                      One feeder does it all, from day old quail chicks to adults.
                                                                                                                    One feeder will service 200 quail.

Ordering 4 Many Ports Feeders at one time saves you shipping costs.

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