LessMess - 2 sets pack

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Get 2 sets of this great product with less shipping costs to you.  

Tired of cleaning up the mess made by the quail or chukars in your Johnny House ? This new, low-maintenance system suspends food/water at the right height, keeps your floor clean and prevents birds from “fouling” the feed and water. The LessMess feeder is designed to provide either commercial feed, whole grains (such as wheat or sorghum) or a mixture of both. For use in protected areas only. Also great for small pigeon houses! The LessMess waterer holds about 3 gallons and delivers the water through a nipple system located at the bottom of the tube.  The waterer can freeze without causing damage.  Any water that thaws will go to the bottom of the tube to provide water to the birds.  Each tube is about 32 inches long.

Comes With:

  • hardware kit & suspending bracket
  • mounting instructions

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